EMF meters for short-term hire (UK only)

Acousticom 2

Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation

Measures Radio Frequency radiation

Frequency range: 200MHz to 8 GHz

(mobile phones & masts, DECT phones,

Wifi, smart meters, baby monitors...etc)


Extremely Low Frequency Radiation/Electric and Magnetic Fields

Measures Electric & Magnetic Fields

Frequency range: 20Hz to 50kHz

(electrical equipment, domestic appliances,

mains wiring, high-voltage powerlines...etc)


Dirty Electricity/Voltage Transients

A plug-in device that measures Dirty Electricity

Frequency range: 10kHz to 1MHz

We offer a discount if more than one meter is hired at any one time. Each single meter from any of those shown above is £25 per week to hire and we charge £15 per meter per week for each additional meter thereafter.

We also offer ten minutes of technical support (by telephone) for each meter that is hired. This support is included in the hire charge and it enables us to provide guidance during the period of hire and answer any questions you may have. If you prefer this support by email, then this can be arranged too.

1 x meter: £25 per week

plus 10 mins tech support.

2 x meters: £40 per week

plus 20 mins tech support.

3 x meters: £55 per week

plus 30 mins tech support.