EMF meters for short-term hire (UK only)

Acousticom 2

Radio Frequency / Microwave meter

£25.00 per week

plus refundable security deposit*

A very useful and practical meter that measures the Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation (microwave frequencies) emitted by most modern communication devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones,

wifi routers, baby monitors, mobile phone base stations (phone masts), smart meters ...etc.

With simple controls and easy-to-read results, this meter presents RF measurements as an audio signal, with LEDs and an alarm at high levels of RF.

Frequency range: 200MHz to 8 GHz

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Power-Frequency meter

£25.00 per week

plus refundable security deposit*

A sensitive power frequency meter that measures electric and magnetic fields in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range, as well as the Very Low Frequency (VLF) range. It can measure fields produced by electrical equipment and domestic appliances such as induction hob cookers, laptop computers, energy-saving lightbulbs (CFLs), solar-panel inverters, as well as household mains wiring, high-voltage powerlines and electrical substations.

Frequency range: 20Hz to 50kHz

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Dirty Electricity meter

currently unavailable to hire

This meter plugs into a household mains outlet and measures the amount of electrical noise, otherwise known as Dirty Electricity (DE) that is riding along the household mains wiring. It shows reading in millivolts (mV) on the screen and presents it as an audio signal. Items that create DE include solar panel installations, most modern television and computer equipment, energy-saving devices and equipment using switched-mode power supplies.

Frequency range: 10kHz to 1MHz

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All of our hire meters are compact, reliable and easy-to-use, ideal for taking accurate measurements of electromagnetic radiation in the home.

Our meters are carefully checked prior to each hire and are supplied with protective carry pouches. We also take care of the shipping costs (both ways).

We offer a discount if more than one meter is hired at any one time. Each single meter from any of those shown above is £25 per week to hire and we charge £15 per meter per week for each additional meter thereafter.

1 x meter:  £25 per week,

plus refundable security deposit*,

includes free shipping,

2 x meters:  £40 per week,

plus refundable security deposit*,

includes free shipping,

3 x meters:  £55 per week,

plus refundable security deposit*,

includes free shipping.


1.  Email us. Tell us which meter(s) you'd like to hire from those shown above and we'll take some details from you. An in-depth description of each meter can be found by clicking on the image of the meter(s) above, or by clicking on the 'More Info' button, but if you need any help with choosing the right meter(s) for your situation, or if you'd prefer to discuss anything over the phone, please let us know.

2.  We'll email you a meter hire quotation, which will include an amount for the security deposit.* We'll also email a copy of our Terms & Conditions. Please read these carefully, as any booking that you place will indicate your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Once you've read these and you are happy to proceed, we can then take payment for the hire. We accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer. If you'd prefer to use another method of payment, please let us know.

3.  On receipt of your cleared payment we'll dispatch the package containing your meter(s) using Royal Mail Special Delivery. The package will consist of a hardcase with everything you need inside; meter(s), protective pouch(es), user instructions and other accessories. We'll let you know when the package has been dispatched and provide you with the Royal Mail Tracking Number.

4.  During the hire period we offer telephone support, which you may find useful once you've taken some meter readings. You may wish to talk through any discoveries you've made whilst taking your readings and we can help with any EMF-related questions you might have. This can be done by email if you prefer.

5.  At the end of the agreed hire period, simply pack the meter(s) and accessories back into the hard-case, enclose the hard-case in the pre-paid, pre-addressed mailing bag that we provide and hand the package into any Royal Mail Post Office. The Special Delivery return postage is already paid, so all you need to do is obtain a 'Proof of Postage' certificate from the Post Office counter when you hand over the package.

6.  Once we've received the returned package, we'll check that everything is satisfactory, before refunding your security deposit* in full. If you feel that you need a more thorough investigation of the EMF situation in your home, we can carry out a comprehensive survey. Please see 'Our Surveys'.

 *  We require a security deposit of £100 for each meter that is hired. This deposit is fully refundable, once the meter(s) and accessories have been returned to us on time and in the same condition as at the start of the hire. Please see our Terms and Conditions.