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EMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

EMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

EMF Surveys that don't cost the earthEMF Surveys that don't cost the earthEMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

Low-EMF Places

We're always on the look out for low-EMF places to visit and stay in the UK. These may be campsites, holiday cottages, properties to rent, or to buy.....any places that are free from Wifi or other wireless technologies, with no nearby mobile phone masts, or tv and radio transmitters, overhead powerlines, electrified railway lines, military bases, coastguard stations, airports and airfields.

There are many people looking for low-EMF places to live. If you happen to live in an area or neighbourhood that you consider to be low-EMF and know of suitable properties for sale or rent nearby, or if you have a room to rent in a low-EMF property, we'd love to hear from you.

last updated: May 2019


Two Riverside Plots for Development, with Planning Permission - £100,000 for both plots


General Information:

These two adjacent development plots are in an attractive location, situated on a slope between the River Severn and the Severn Valley Railway, surrounded by scenic walks along the Severn Way.

The plots are close to Highley Station, The Engine House, and the Ship Inn. The area is popular with anglers, as well as being a haven for wildlife. The Severn Valley Country Park is on the opposite side of the river.

Cherry Orchard, Severnside, Highley

Cherry Orchard, Severnside, Highley

The plots are accessed via an unadopted road that serves other riverside properties and the Ship Inn. Development access for plot no. 2 is via plot no. 3, so ideally both plots would be sold together, with development commencing with the construction of no. 2.

Plot no. 2 has outline planning permission with plans already drawn up to build a one-bedroom, detached, chalet bungalow.

Plot no. 3 has full planning permission to build a two-bedroom, detached, chalet bungalow with conservatory.

The River Severn at Severnside, Highley

The River Severn at Severnside, Highley

How the EMFs Check Out:

The plots are situated in a valley, which means that they escape much of the electrosmog from the surrounding area.

When we visited the plots in April 2019, we measured the ambient Radio Frequency, Radiation and found very low levels (no more than 0.02 V/m) in all areas around the plots.

We detected some signals from a nearby mobile phone base station (phone mast), but since the nearest base station is more than half a mile away, the signals from it barely registered on our meters, and the mobile phone reception is very poor.

We also detected signals from the Airwave (TETRA) transmitter in the area. This transmitter is approximately 15-20 metres tall, and is located a little over a mile from the plots.

We were able to pick up the occasional weak radar signal presumably from Wolverhampton Airport, which is approximately 6.5 miles away. The signals, as well as being very weak, only appeared in certain areas of the plots. They were undetectable on the site of the proposed dwellings. There is an overhead, low-voltage powerline that runs across both plots, but it is likely that this can be buried at a cost, so enquiries into the feasibility of this may be necessary.

The nearest neighbour is at no.1 Cherry Orchard, a few metres away from plot no.2. The neighbour is becoming more 'EMF-aware'.

The Ship Inn, which is situated approximately 25-30 metres from the nearest plot (no.3), can get busy during the holiday season and at weekends. Therefore, the data traffic from visitors' mobile phones may be greater at these times. Also, since cellular reception in the immediate area is relatively poor, then it is likely that any mobile phones will need to work much harder, and emit higher levels of RF radiation, in order to maintain a connection with the network. However, we did not detect any significant RF radiation at the plots from phones during our two-day stay, which was during the Easter holidays, so the pub was moderately busy at times. The pub also boasts free WiFi, but again, the plots are far enough away for this not to pose a problem.

The heritage Severn Valley Railway line runs behind both plots. The line is not electrified, as it serves only steam and diesel locomotives. The plots may not be suitable for severe MCS sufferers, due to the emissions from the locomotives, which may be problematic depending on the prevailing wind direction. The train carriages can become full of passengers at peak times and it was at these times during our visit, that the radiation from their phones became noticeable, particularly when the train pulled into Highley Station, which is only about 50 metres away.

However, in our view, the only source of radiation affecting the two plots that is of any real concern, is the Airwave transmitter, though the levels affecting the plots are minimal and the valley does offer some protection. The structure of any dwelling would give additional protection from this transmitter. Nevertheless, the plots may not suit those who are highly sensitive to TETRA radiation.

If the TETRA network is eventually phased out, as recent reports suggest, and if the overhead powerlines can be buried, then these two plots would offer a unique opportunity to live in an attractive location, overlooking the River Severn, surrounded by wildlife and countryside walks, and – ultimately - relatively free from electrosmog.

Nearest transmitters and other EMF sources that we located

(distances are approximate):

Mobile phone base station: 0.6 miles (1 km)

Airwave (TETRA) transmitter: 1.06 miles (1.7km)

Airport Radar: 6.5 miles (10.5km)


Terraced House in Quiet Cul-de-Sac - £475 per Calendar Month


Awaiting further details.

The Duck Pond at Norton, Cleveland

The Duck Pond at Norton, Cleveland

SUFFOLK - Short Stay

Holiday Cottage in Semi-Rural Location - Weekends from £583


General Information:

Hex Cottage is an off-grid thatched forrester's cottage set within its own meadow and surrounding woodland in the Sibton Park Estate, located between the villages of Peasenhall and Yoxford.

The cottage is heated by a wood-fired range cooker and there are open fires in the sitting room and bedroom. The cottage sleeps two people and on-site parking is available. One well-behaved dog is welcome (for a small fee).

Hex Cottage, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Hex Cottage, Saxmundham, Suffolk

How the EMFs Check Out:

We visited the cottage in mid-May 2018 and carried out a brief EMF survey. We found very little in the way of Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation in the range 200MHz to 8GHz (less than 0.02 V/m (Volts per metre) inside the cottage). However, we were able to detect some RF radiation (though very minimal) from the nearby Network Rail GSM mast which is situated at Darsham, approximately 1.9 miles away. The nearest mobile phone base station is almost 2 miles from the cottage, so mobile phone reception is poor.

We did not detect any radar from nearby airports or airfields either inside the cottage or in its immediate grounds, and there are no high-voltage powerlines in close proximity to the cottage.

The cottage has no mains gas or electricity service, so heating and hot water is provided by means of a wood-fired range cooker and two open fires, which may pose a problem for some MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) sufferers in colder months, but the cottage may prove suitable for those who are sensitive to power frequency EMFs or for those who'd simply like a digital  detox break in the countryside.

Nearest transmitters and other EMF sources that we located

(distances are approximate):

Mobile phone base station:

2 miles (3.2 km)

Network Rail mast:

1.9 miles (3km)

TV transmitter:

20 miles (32km)

TV transmitter relay:

10 miles (16km)