Low-EMF Places

We're always on the look out for low-EMF places to visit and stay in the UK. These may be campsites, holiday cottages, properties to rent, or to buy.....any places that are free from Wifi or other wireless technologies, with no nearby mobile phone masts, or tv and radio transmitters, overhead powerlines, electrified railway lines, military bases, coastguard stations, airports and airfields.

There are many people looking for low-EMF places to live. If you happen to live in an area or neighbourhood that you consider to be low-EMF and know of suitable properties for sale or rent nearby, or if you have a room to rent in a low-EMF property, we'd love to hear from you.

SUFFOLK - Holiday Cottage

Hex Cottage is an off-grid thatched forrester's cottage set within its own meadow and surrounding woodland in the Sibton Park Estate. The cottage sleeps two people and on-site parking is available. One well-behaved dog is welcome (for a small fee).

We visited the cottage in mid-May 2018 and carried out a brief EMF survey. Our findings were:

Very little in the way of Radio Frequency Radiation in the range 200MHz to 8GHz (less than 0.02 V/m inside the cottage). However, we were able to detect some RF (though very minimal) from the nearby Network Rail GSM mast which is situated at Darsham, approximately 1.9 miles (3km) away. The nearest mobile phone base station is almost 2 miles (3.2km) from the cottage, so mobile phone reception is poor.

We did not detect any radar from nearby airports or airfields either inside the cottage or in its immediate grounds, and there are no high-voltage powerlines in close proximity to the cottage.

The cottage has no mains gas or electricity service, so heating and hot water is provided by means of a wood-fired range cooker and two open fires, which may pose a problem for some MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) sufferers in colder months, but the cottage may prove suitable for those who are sensitive to power frequency EMFs or for those who'd simply like a digital detox break in the countryside.
Nearest masts/transmitters and other EMF sources that we located:

Mobile phone base station: 2 miles (3.2 km) approx.

Network Rail mast: 1.9 miles (3km) approx.

TV transmitter: 20 miles (32km) approx.

TV transmitter relay: 10 miles (16km) approx.
More info on Hex Cottage can be found by visiting the website here: www.wildernessreserve.com

Hex Cottage, Saxmundham, Suffolk
weekends from £650

Hex Cottage, Saxmundham, Suffolk weekends from £650