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EMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

EMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

EMF Surveys that don't cost the earthEMF Surveys that don't cost the earthEMF Surveys that don't cost the earth

Our surveys


At Down to Earth, we are just that - Down to Earth, with a pragmatic, common-sense approach to EMF mitigation. We don't believe in quick-fix, gimmicky products that claim to neutralise or harmonise the man-made radiation in your environment - just honest, sensible and practical advice is what we offer, to help you recognise potential sources of radiation that may be affecting you and to develop ways in which you can minimise your day-to-day exposure.

It's not always easy to identify the sources of man-made radiation affecting you or your home. The sources may not be obvious and it can even be quite unexpected, so it's worth looking beyond the usual suspects like smartphones, WiFi routers and smart meters. The radiation from radar installations and commercial wind turbines for instance (yes, wind turbines can emit pulses of microwave radiation, as well as infrasound) can travel several miles, depending on topography and this can have a devastating impact upon well-being.

Most homes nowadays are affected by man-made radiation to some degree. A thorough survey will often determine what's really going on in the home environment, and with the aid of good EMF meters and a bit of detective work, most sources of man-made radiation can be identified.


We carry out EMF surveys in homes throughout most of Southern England* and we provide constructive suggestions on how to deal with any problems that are found.

Here's what our home survey involves

Using a range of EMF meters and detectors, we can assess levels of radiation emitted from wireless devices such as smartphones, baby monitors, DECT cordless phones, smart meters, WiFi routers, laptop computers, tablets, Bluetooth devices, TV set-top boxes and gaming consoles. The levels of radiation emitted by such devices can often be high enough to affect your home, even when they are physically located within neighbouring properties.

We also assess levels of radiation from technologies such as paging systems and amateur radio (if they are active/transmitting) and from other external sources such as mobile phone base stations, TETRA transmitters, commercial wind turbines and most radar installations.

During our visit, we also carry out an assessment of the electric and magnetic fields present in the home. These fields are generated by things like household mains wiring, electrical equipment and devices, household appliances, solar panel installations (AC inverters), electricity powerlines and substations.

We check levels of Dirty Electricity (DE) present on the mains wiring. DE, (or more appropriately; electrical noise) travels along the wiring and is created by energy-efficient products and electrical items that use switch-mode power supplies (AC adaptors). DE can either by created within the home, or can enter the home via the incoming power supply and originate from neighbouring properties and any external sources that share the same local power supply network.

The overall visit to carry out our survey usually lasts around an hour or two. Following our visit, we will produce a written summary** of our findings and recommendations, which we aim to send out to you within 5-10 working days.

Our Survey Fees

We charge a flat fee of £150, plus travel costs, for a home visit to carry out the survey. The fee includes a written summary of our findings and recommendations, which we aim to send out to you within 5-10 working days, following our visit.

Our travel costs are charged at a rate of 35p per mile, to and from our base in Surrey.

 * We aim to cover most of Southern England. However, it may be inappropriate for us to carry our a survey if the property is located in an extremely high EMF area, or if we feel that there are other insurmountable EMF issues affecting the property - for example, if there is a high-voltage electricity pylon located nearby.  

* *  Our written summary is for information and guidance only. It should not be construed at providing medical advice, nor is it intended to be used for legal purposes, or to form part of any official documentation.